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The North Florida Institute of Theology and Technology was formed by the members of its Governing Council in 2018 for the purpose of providing religious educational services, technological training and job placement to clergy, veterans, at-risk youth, and young people with educational disabilities. Our main campus and administrative office is located at 5675 Kennerly Rd Jacksonville, Florida 32207 . General office hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, by appointment only.
Members of our Governing Council have formed corporate partnership with CISCO, HP, IBM, Microsoft and other educational institutions with the expectation that we can provide our students with a robust educational experience. Many of our courses are designed to meet or exceed state licensure requirements, however it is the student’s responsibility to validate with the state to determine whether or not there are additional requirements that must be met.
The North Florida Institute of Theology and Technology (N.F.I.T.T.) is an Authorized Academic Partner of the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the world’s largest developer of vendor-neutral information technology certification exams. Together, CompTIA and N.F.I.T.T. provide high quality educational technology opportunities to students.
As an academy-level partner, the North Florida Institute of Theology and Technology has access to highly desirable instructional resources, training programs and certifications available only through CompTIA, giving N.F.I.T.T. students a more enhanced and comprehensive learning experience geared towards future success in the information technology workplace. Additionally, N.F.I.T.T.  students are eligible to take industry-leading certification exams at a significant discount compared to students from non-partnered universities.
As an extension of this partnership, the North Florida Institute of Theology and Technology offers certification training and examination support for the cyber workforce online and at our Southside campus in Jacksonville Florida. Our goal is to better prepare cyber education students for the evolving information technology landscape through comprehensive support and a robust portfolio of offerings from CompTIA and N.F.I.T.T.
North Florida Institute of Theology and Technology is a registered Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) school vendor which is a federal-state program that helps people who have physical or mental disabilities get or keep a job. Through our partnership with VR, we are committed to helping people with disabilities find meaningful careers.
North Florida Institute of Theology and Technology is  chartered by the State of Florida (Charter # N18000002496) and registered with the Commission for Independent Education of the Florida Department of Education as a Religious Institution, and therefore under Florida Statute 1005.06 (1)(f) and Rule 6E-5.001, Florida Administrative Code are not under the jurisdiction or purview of the Commission for Independent Education and are not required to obtain licensure.

Associate Degrees and Certifications

  • Information Technology
  • Robotics
  • City Management
  • Ministry
  • ESOL

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Organizational Ledership & Administration
  • Theology

Graduate and Post Graduate Program

  • Christian Counseling
  • Theology & Divinity
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