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Community and School-Based STEAM Program

Our program provides youth with opportunities to amplify inherent strengths and talents, build positive relationships, and express themselves in safe and healthy spaces

About Our Program

Our Community based STEAM program is part of O.M.I. International’s Community Diversity Enrichment Program which helps communities that struggle with social and economic injustices by providing a non-sectarian nurturing environment in which families and youth can engage in self-enrichment activities that stimulate personal growth and self-reliance.

Agile Based Robotics

We make the science of robotics engineering FUN with our AGILE based learning method. We give students the freedom to explore and learn as they go. Our classes will teach them about the fundamentals of robotics and computer programming while having a great time. Students will learn to build and program their own unique robots as they dive deep into the world of robotics and python programming. Each lesson challenges young minds to create a robot that can move, see, and interact with its environment.s  

Flexibility & Affordability

We offer one of the most flexible and affordable robotics program in America. Schools can customize our program to fit their budgets. Our prices are as low as $3.50 per student per class per hour. Your school determines how many classes it can afford, and your school has the freedom to order as many robots as their budget permits. Robots can be purchased per student, or per group. If finances is an issue, we can evaluate your school for our grant assisted program.

Basic Requirements

Each school must have internet access, and computers. We recommend one computer per student. If your school does not have enough computers for each robotics’ student, then we can work out a lease agreement in which we bring laptops on site for your students to use.

Requirements for each student:
1 Windows PC,
1 USB memory stick,
1 Robot (optional).

Current Locations

Donner Park

2072 George St, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233


3315 N Liberty St, Jacksonville, FL 32206

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