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Missions Statement

The North Florida Institute of Theology and Technology is an evangelical interdenominational Christian educational academic institution.

Our mission is to advance the knowledge of Christ and educate students in technologies that will best impact our world.

What we strive to achieve:

1. We want to provide an affordable accredited educational experience.

2. We want to provide individuals with learning disabilities the ability to attain a higher education.

3. We want to nurture the next generation of future leaders to be spiritually sound, and technologically advanced.

It is important for future students to understand that we employ a non-sectarian approach to learning. Our goal is to not to tell you what you should believe. Our goal is to provide you with sufficient information so that you can make your own informed decisions on which theological path you choose to follow.

Associate Degrees and Certifications

  • Information Technology
  • Robotics
  • City Management
  • Ministry
  • ESOL

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Organizational Ledership & Administration
  • Theology

Graduate and Post Graduate Program

  • Christian Counseling
  • Theology & Divinity
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